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Contact us

RAJAR aims to be accessible to help interested parties to understand its service and methodology, and to answer general questions regarding radio and audio measurement.

Due to the limited team resources available, it is only possible to offer comprehensive support to our subscribers; however RAJAR makes every possible effort to assist enquiry from wider interest groups, and we encourage all initial enquiries to visit and fully interrogate our web site in the first instance.


RAJAR offers subscribers (stations and or IPA registered media agencies) formal training sessions about the research methodology at our New Oxford Street offices on an ad hoc basis when requested.

Enquiries from the Media

RAJAR is always available to the media, but will only comment upon matters related to cross industry audience measurement. We will not make comment on issues or results pertinent to individual stations or networks.

International Radio/Research Bodies

We welcome contact with all research and technology businesses involved in measurement either directly or indirectly related to our primary role.

RAJAR is happy, at its discretion, to meet with recognised bodies and share best practice where legally entitled in the interest of the development of improved standards in radio and audio measurement.

Academic Institutions

RAJAR also welcomes interest from the academic world and frequently supports Universities and centres of learning with relevant courses, and where requests are based on helping multiple students. We will respond to requests made by department heads on a discretionary basis, subject to resources.

Individual Students

Regrettably, due to our limited resources we cannot respond to questions from individual students. Instead, such enquiries should explore our website where a wealth of information about the service can be found.

Members of the Public

RAJAR receives frequent enquiries from members of the public about individual programmes and/or stations. We must stress that RAJAR cannot comment on or provide individual station results, and such questions should instead be directed to the stations themselves. Members of the public with a general interest in RAJAR and/or radio are very welcome to explore our website.

Diary Keepers

If you have been recruited to keep one of our diaries and have any questions or concerns, you should seek assistance through the helpline channels supplied by the interviewer as these are designed to provide dedicated support. Please email or call 0808 238 5473 for assistance.


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