RAJAR Learning and Insight

Our aim

"RAJAR is committed to providing training for subscribers that is intended to raise the understanding of how the listening survey is designed and operated, what data is available and how to access and use the data outputs"

Subject to interest, training sessions are held as groups on a quarterly basis (first come, first served), and take place at RAJAR’s offices and/or online. Each training session is designed to cater for a wide range of audiences, so more of a general overview with opportunity to ask specific questions to cater for anyone, be it at a station management and programme director, research specialist or media buying agency level; however, RAJAR will endeavour to focus on areas of particular relevance to the attendees.

RAJAR can provide a more bespoke training and insight session for our radio clients that wish to delve deeper into the survey. A more ‘in depth’ workshop for employees of our radio station subscribers can attend either online, at their premises or at the RAJAR office. These would supply the attendee, or those that would benefit from having more specific knowledge on how we measure their particular station/s, what the data outputs look like, how to use the data, publication and discussion.

Who can benefit from RAJAR training?

The answer to the question is simple RAJAR training can benefit anyone in the media industry from Sales people to Production staff. RAJAR training is relevant to all involved in station management, programming and commercial activities as well as those specialists in audience research. Ideally for people who want to gain insight into the following…

  • The organisation - How is RAJAR set up, its mission, shareholders, industry representation, decision making.
  • What does RAJAR measure - Who, where, how long, on what.
  • The survey - How is it put together, the research contractors and their roles, how the sampling framework is determined, the specific quota’s for respondent types, the flexible methodology.
  • Recruitment - The field force, how they operate, how they are briefed, quality control.
  • The interview process - Recruitment, personal information, self-completion questionnaire guidance, quality control.
  • The diary, the diary panel, the passive panel - Filling in the of the online and paper diary, station repertoire, key listening data, how listening data is recorded.
  • Data collection - How the data is returned, the data processing, screening of diaries, write ins of missing data, weighting, back checks, conversion of passive to diary data.
  • Publication - Reporting cycle of quarterly, six and 12 months, what is published, reports, aggregated data tables, analyses tools used for RAJAR data, infographics.
  • How is the data used - Best advice on the how the data can be analysed, how it should be used, what is should be used for and the rules it follows.
  • Radio research around the world - How is measurement performed in other countries.
  • Beyond live listening - Streaming, mobile, podcasting, on demand, measuring a digital world, MIDAS, JAMJAR.
  • New Developments - How RAJAR is keeping abreast of change.

How to Book

If you have an interest in joining one of the general training sessions, please see the list of dates below or to arrange a bespoke meeting, please get in contact with Lyndsay Ferrigan at RAJAR. or call 02073950636.

  • Wednesday 21st February 2024 10am
  • Wednesday 5th June 2024, 10am
  • Wednesday 21st August 2024, 10am

RAJAR is happy to attend establishments of further education that run media courses, as well as provide some top-line information for students. RAJAR is part of the Tools of the Trade course ran by the Media Research Group.