RAJAR Learning and Insight

Our aim

"RAJAR is committed to providing an education and tailored learning programme for subscribers developed to raise the understanding of how the listening survey is designed and operated, what data is available and how to access, interpret and use the data outputs"

The audience statistics that are provided by RAJAR are the primary performance measure for the Radio industry in the UK, informing programming and advertising sales decision making.

The measurement system is complex due to the structure of the UK radio market by which stations serve non-discrete local, regional and national audiences.

The majority of people working in the industry only see RAJAR through the final data or quarterly results it produces and therefore have a limited understanding and appreciation of why we measure in the way we do and how the measurement system operates.

Who would benefit from attending?

The sessions are designed to be accessible to both the research executive and the non-research specialist. It is purposely designed to be suitable for individuals in station management, programming, editorial, marketing and sales related areas as well as advertisers and media buyers.

The sessions can be provided on a bespoke basis and are available freely to all RAJAR Subscribers.

You will gain insight into the following;

  • An overview of the main media industry measurement, the techniques used and why and how they differ. The benefits of survey data over source or panel data.
  • A look at the different measurement approaches used around the world in measuring radio audiences and why RAJAR uses the methodology that it does. The strengths and weaknesses of the Diary.
  • What is RAJAR, how is it organised, managed and paid for.
  • How we measure - an overview of the survey construction, the interview and recruitment process, how the data is collected, processed and reported.
  • The output - what is reported, what the data tells us, what it gives us insight into and how should we interpret the data.
  • The publication guidelines, the rules that ensure fair play in how stations promote their success and how they can compare themselves to competitive stations.
  • RAJAR Developments and the future of Radio Measurement.

Organisation & how to book.

RAJAR has scheduled sessions (one per quarter) devoted to providing individuals with a full immersion in the aforementioned knowledge. The sessions are held at our offices in Central London and run approximately from 10.00am till noon. These sessions are purposely suitable for Broadcast, Non-Broadcast and RAJAR Bureaux Subscribers regardless of level of RAJAR understanding, so there may be content covered in these ‘full programmes’ that the attendee is already aware of. We can only take a maximum of 12 attendees for these sessions held here at the RAJAR offices. The dates of the full RAJAR Learning Programme sessions are listed below.

Additionally, throughout the rest of the time we are more than happy to arrange training and insight sessions for Stations or Media Agencies, at their premises or ours. It is also possible to arrange a one-on-one session if the Subscriber feels this is necessary. These sessions offer a more tailored or bespoke package for your group of attendees.

Subsequently, from time to time, there may be a possibility of a RAJAR Training & Insight session being held out with London. These sessions need to be logistically and economically feasible. With that in mind they are designed to reach as many RAJAR Subscribers in that area as possible, so tend to take place in a neutral venue and attended by local BBC Stations, Commercial Stations and Media Agencies.

The dates for the 2020 sessions are:

  • Wednesday 19th February 2020
  • Wednesday 8th April 2020
  • Thursday 28th May 2020
To secure a place please click this link and fill out the registration form.

Please Note;

This training programme is for Subscribers to the RAJAR Survey only. Unfortunately this programme is not available to members of the Public. Universities or Colleges that teach Media Studies Courses can request a one-off RAJAR Presentation, which is subject to availability and travel expenses may be incurred.