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Radio station entry to RAJAR

If you are a commercial radio station, are licenced by OFCOM and are interested in joining RAJAR to be surveyed please refer to the information below.

Points of entry to the survey
  • All stations must adhere to the station entry deadlines.
  • A national station can join the survey at any quarter.
  • A local station with an identical TSA (Total Survey Area) to a commercial station already on the survey can also join at any quarter.
  • Regional / local analogue or digital stations who have a unique TSA can only join the survey in quarter 1 or quarter 3.


The RAJAR ratecard lists the annual subscription fees for both analogue and digital stations to join the survey. The digital fees are shown in red. All fees are based on the station’s population band in their defined TSA and are listed ex VAT.

Fees are payable by Direct Debit either monthly or quarterly in advance depending on a formal credit check. Payments are taken on, or shortly after, the first of the month.

The fee year runs from December to November however, if a station joins the survey during the year the fee is reduced pro-rata to the number of quarters surveyed i.e. if a station joins the survey in quarter 3 the fee is half that quoted on the ratecard.

Subscription Process

Please email us for a station joiners form.

You will be required to send us the postcodes for the areas you wish to be surveyed. Once all checks have been undertaken and you have agreed to the TSA, we will confirm the subscription fee and issue a contract.

Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions detail "the RAJAR service" provided and form part of your contract with us alongside the Publication Code.

Contracts run on an annual basis and continue thereafter until notice is served. The contractual notice period is 12 months and must be given in writing.

Publication Code

All subscribers shall comply with the Publication Code which covers the use and publication of RAJAR data.


All services will be reported quarterly, based on the fieldwork periods shown on the ratecard. For example: a 12-month reporting station will need to be on the survey for one year before the first report is published; thereafter reporting is quarterly based a rolling 12-month fieldwork period.

Station subscribers will receive the following reports:

  • Standard results for each station, comprising of 11 tables, will be available to each station for their own services. These will be available as an electronic file on the day of data release.
  • Standard results will also be available for all other reporting services on the day of data release. These tables will only be available electronically.

Non-standard reports may be commissioned and delivered in electronic format for an appropriate fee. Please contact us for details.

Fieldwork and Reporting dates

Fieldwork is conducted 50 weeks of the year across the UK with approximately 2,500 diaries returned each week.

Each quarter’s fieldwork is split into three (monthly) periods and the full quarter’s results (issued to all station subscribers) are issued at 10.30 am on the results to stations day on the release date timetable.

All data for publication is embargoed until 00.01am the next day.


For more information see the About RAJAR section.

Only stations licenced by OFCOM may join RAJAR Ltd.

The sampling structure of RAJAR is designed to provide data for commercial and BBC stations regardless of genre or regionality and delivers cost-efficiencies based on the bulk of diaries in the sample being shared by multiple stations. For very small analogue stations, e.g. with a TSA population around 50,000 adults or fewer, this economy of scale may no longer apply and additional charges may be applicable subject to specific evaluation by RAJAR and its survey contractor.

It is recommended that commercial stations wishing to join RAJAR also register with the Radiocentre. Radiocentre are joint owners of RAJAR and represent the interests of commercial radio stations on the RAJAR Board as well as the Technical Management Group (TMG) alongside representatives from the BBC and IPA. Radiocentre information may be found at

RAJAR will consider applications from OFCOM licenced community stations. Due to the highly localised survey requirements of community radio stations, it is unlikely that RAJAR’s existing sample will be sufficiently clustered to measure such services.

Consequently, additional sample points may be required, and the number and cost of these will be calculated separately for each application.

View our Privacy Notice.

If you have any specific questions not covered above, you can also email us or phone 020 7395 0630.