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Non-broadcaster subscription to RAJAR

Media Agencies, PR companies and academic institutions interested in receiving more detailed data than that currently shown on our website under ‘Listening Figures’ can apply to RAJAR for access via a paid subscription. If the application is approved, there are three levels of subscription as follows:

1. Website

Subscriber data available via the RAJAR website comprises of:

  • Quarterly Listening Analysis

    This functionality allows users to sort stations according to their performance against specified target groups, look at a detailed audience profile for a station, or to track listening of a selected audience throughout the day.

  • Volumes Tables

    These are standard tables showing results in a pre-formatted way for each participating commercial radio station or group, as well as the BBC Networks.

    Click here for an example

  • Mapping for all stations (BBC and Commercial)

    Users have the functionality to overlay TSAs and zoom to national level.

  • Quarter Hour Report

    Subscribers can also look at more detailed audience listening by quarter hour.

    Click here to see a demonstration of the type of analysis / tables available.

The free topline station results (Quarterly Summary Report) are available from 00.01am on day of data release.

2. Planning Systems

Access to RAJAR data, via a bureau planning system, allows full access to the respondent level database and offers flexibility of analysis to the subscriber. This subscription gives access to results not covered by the ‘Volumes’ tables with a website only subscription.

Data analysis software developers that allow the loading of RAJAR data are commonly referred to as the RAJAR Bureaux. For a list of RAJAR licenced bureaux, please click here.

When RAJAR data is taken via a bureau, a ‘Planning System’ subscription must be taken out with RAJAR prior to requesting data. In addition to the RAJAR ‘Planning System’ subscription, a software licence fee is also payable to the bureau directly. Please contact the bureaux to discuss software licence costs

A trial demonstration of software and RAJAR data can be arranged via a bureau. Please contact them directly to organise.

Multi-user Discount Ratecard

If a company, which owns further subsidiary companies, wishes to take out a subscription for more than one of their companies, we can offer a discounted rate. Please email us for further information on the pricing structure.

3. Summary of Results

This contains a summary of results broken down by 20 demographics for all participating commercial stations / groups, BBC Networks and RAJAR regions.

If you have any queries, please email us or phone us on 020 7395 0630

Subscription Process

Please complete a subscription form. If you would like to purchase a multi-user subscription, a subscription form must be completed for each company in the group. Please email us the completed form. On receipt of the form we will issue a VAT invoice.

Unfortunately, access to RAJAR data is not given until full payment is received. RAJAR data is copyrighted and owned by the stations on the survey, therefore we are unable to provide data free of charge.

The subscription year runs from May to April. You can subscribe at any point during the year, however, no discount is given for non-broadcaster subscribers who join after the start of the subscription year (1st May).

How to pay

Fees are payable in full by cheque or bank transfer within 30 days of the invoice date.

Publication Code

Subscribers shall comply with the Publication Code which covers the use and publication of RAJAR data.


For more information see the About RAJAR area of our website. You can also email us or phone 020 7395 0630 with any specific questions.