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RAJAR Data Release - Quarter 2, 2007

Issued: August 15 2007

Radio listening has increased quarter on quarter to 45.6 million people, or 91% of the UK population*, up by almost 600,000 listeners on Q1, 2007, it was revealed today (August 16, 2007) when UK radio audience quarterly data was released by RAJAR Ltd (Radio Joint Audience Research).

Radio listening via platform (analogue and digital): announced for the first time since the introduction of new methodology in January 2007, reveals 12.8% of listening is now via a digital platform (DAB, DTV, Internet) with digital listening hours for Q2, 2007 totalling 136 million hours per week. Overall listening to digital only services is growing quickly, from 905,000 listeners in Q2, 2003 to 6.09 million in Q2, 2007 and during an average week 26.2% of the population (adults 15+) now listen to radio via a digital platform.

Radio listening via mobile phone: RAJAR research released today also reveals that the number of mobile phone owners (aged 15+) who claim to have listened to the radio via a mobile phone has risen 27% year on year (7.0% in Q2, 2006) to 8.9%. In addition, over a quarter of 15-24-year-old mobile phone owners (1.8 million) say they have listened to the radio in this way, a rise of 25% year on year. (21.7% in Q2, 2006 vs 27.2% in Q2, 2007).

Listening to podcasts via an mp3 player: A year after data on listening to podcasts via an mp3 player was released for the first time, RAJAR research, this quarter, shows that 2.7 million adults (18.3% of mp3 player owners) now report that they have used their mp3 player to listen to podcasts. This is a significant rise of 40%, from 1.9 million in Q2, 2006.

Detailed data and individual radio station data, for both BBC and Commercial Radio stations, is available on the RAJAR web site at

* This weekly reach figure is the number of people (adults 15+) in the UK who listened to a radio station for at least five minutes in the course of an average week during the quarter.


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