Survey Updates

RAJAR Bulletin Q3 2023

Issued: October 10th 2023

  1. Data for the period ended September 17th 2023 will be released as follows:
    Results to stations 10.30 a.m. Wednesday October 25th 2023

    N.B. Publication of results is embargoed until 00.01 a.m. Thursday October 26th 2023

  2. New station / group report
    Station / Group name Survey Period
    Greatest Hits Radio (East Midlands) H
  3. Reports no longer required
    Station / Group name
    Pure Radio (Total)
    Pure Radio (Tayside)
    Pure Radio (Aberdeen)
    Pure Radio (Central)
    Fosse 107
    Greatest Hits Radio (East Midlands)
  4. TSA Changes
    Station name From To
    KISS (East) 2,294,890 699,448
    DCT Total 3,511,303 639,142