Survey Updates

RAJAR Bulletin 72

Issued: 17th July 2007

  1. Data for the period ended 24th June 2007 will be released as follows:
    Results to stations 5.30 p.m. Wednesday 15th August
    Press Release/Conference 9.30 a.m. Thursday 16th August
    Full Tables/Published Reports Tuesday 21st August

    N.B. Publication of results is embargoed until 7 a.m. 16th August 2007

  2. Stations reporting for the first time
    Station name Survey Period
    theJazz Q
    Yorkshire Coast Radio Y
    Rother FM H
    North Norfolk Y
    Town 102 FM H
    Yorkshire Radio H
  3. Stations name changes
    From To
    Total Virgin Radio (AM/FM) (London) Total Virgin (London)
    TFM TFM Radio
    TFM /Magic 1170 TFM Radio /Magic 1170
    GMG Radio North West (Century FM (North West)/Smooth FM (North West) GMG Radio North West (Century FM (North West)/Smooth Radio (North West)
    GMG Radio Scotland (Real Radio/96.3 Rock Radio/SAGA 105.2fm) GMG Radio Scotland (Real Radio/96.3 Rock Radio/Smooth Radio (Glasgow))
    SAGA Radio Midlands Smooth Radio (East & West Midlands)
    SAGA 106.6fm Smooth Radio (East Midlands)
    SAGA 105.7fm Smooth Radio (West Midlands)
    SAGA 105.2fm Smooth Radio (Glasgow)
    Smooth FM (London) Smooth Radio (London)
    Smooth FM (North West) Smooth Radio (North West)
    Minster FM (inc.YCR (Scarborough) & YCR (Bridlington)) Minster FM
    Q102.9FM/Q97.2FM Q102.9FM/Q97.2FM/Q101.2FM
    97.1 Radio Carmarthenshire 97.1 Radio Carmarthenshire (including Scarlet FM)
  4. New group reports
    Station name Survey Period
    Smooth Radio (London / North West / East Midlands / West Midlands / Glasgow H
    Virgin Radio London H
    Virgin Radio National H

    ‘Virgin Radio London’ is the combination of Virgin AM on analogue and Virgin FM on the London area. (As Virgin FM is only available on analogue, ‘Virgin Radio London’ is an analogue group.) ‘Virgin Radio National’ is the combination of Virgin AM (analogue and digital) outside of London and Virgin AM on digital inside London.

  5. New Survey Periods
    Station name New Period
    The Bee Y
    Original 106fm Solent H
  6. Standard TSA Changes
    Station name New Population
    103.4 The Beach 171,821
    106.3 Bridge FM 117,797

    Please note that all TSAs are changing in Q2 due to the move from postcode sector to postcode district defined TSAs

  7. Stations / Groups not reporting
    Station/Group name
    Capital Disney
    Total Virgin Radio (AM/FM) (London)
    Virgin Radio (AM)
    Virgin FM London
    SAGA Radio Group
    Smooth FM (London/North West)