Survey Updates

RAJAR Bulletin 82

Issued: 11th January 2010

  1. Data for the period ended 20th December 2009 will be released as follows:
    Results to stations 1.30 p.m. Wednesday 3rd February

    N.B. Publication of results is embargoed until 7 a.m. Thursday 4th February 2010

  2. New group report
    Group name Survey Period
    Total Bridge FM Y
  3. Stations / Groups name changes
    From To
    The Coast (Was Original 106fm (Solent)) The Coast
    White Rose Radio Network (Lincs FM Group) Lincs FM Group Yorkshire
    Club Asia 963+972AM Buzz Asia 963 & 972AM
    The Pulse/Pulse Classic Gold The Pulse/Pulse 2
    Pulse Classic Gold Pulse 2
    BBC Radio Oxford 95.2FM BBC Oxford 95.2FM
  4. Stations / Groups not reporting
    Station/Group name
    Kick FM
    Kick and Kestrel
    Star Radio Network Total
  5. Revised TSAs
    Station name New TSA
    Heart Suffolk (was SGR FM) 546,243
    Kingdom FM 285,097
    Yorkshire Radio 4,460,467