Survey Updates

RAJAR Bulletin 73

Issued: 2nd October 2007

  1. Data for the period ended 16th September 2007 will be released as follows:
    Results to stations 5.30 p.m. Wednesday 24th October
    Press Release/Conference 9.30 a.m. Thursday 25th October
    Full Tables/Published Reports Tuesday 6th November

    N.B. Publication of results is embargoed until 7 a.m. 25th October 2007

  2. Stations reporting for the first time
    Station name Survey Period
    Easy Radio H
    Yarr Radio H
  3. New group report
    Station name Survey Period
    Total Town and Country Broadcasting Y
  4. New Survey Period
    Station name New Period
    Kerrang 105.2 H
  5. Stations name changes
    From To
    The Saint Radio Hampshire (formerly The Saint)
    Cool FM 97.4 Cool FM
    Downtown Radio (DTR) / Cool FM Downtown Radio (DTR) / 97.4 Cool FM
    Total Chrysalis Radio (UK) Total Global Radio (UK)
    Chrysalis Radio (ILR) Global Radio (ILR)
    Chrysalis Radio London (ILR) Global Radio London (ILR)
    Chrysalis Radio Midlands (ILR) Global Radio Midlands (ILR)
    Chrysalis Radio West Midlands (ILR) Global Radio West Midlands (ILR)
    GCap Media Gold Networks UK GCap Gold Network UK
    Gemini East Gemini FM East (Exeter Area)
    Gemini West Gemini FM West (Torbay Area)
    Mercia FM Mercia
    GCap Media Gold Networks Combined GCap Gold Network
    Classic Gold Bedford (792) Gold Bedford (was Classic Gold Bedford)
    Classic Gold Berkshire (1431/1485) Gold Berkshire / North Hampshire (was Classic Gold Berkshire)
    Capital Gold Birmingham Gold Birmingham (was Capital Gold Birmingham)
    Classic Gold Bristol/Bath/Wiltshire (1260/936/1161) Gold Bristol/ Bath / Wiltshire (was Classic Gold Bristol/Bath/Wiltshire)
    Classic Gold Coventry (1359) Gold Coventry (was Classic Gold Coventry)
    Classic Gold Crawley (1521) Gold Crawley (was Classic Gold Crawley)
    Classic Gold Derby (GEM) Gold Derby (was Classic Gold Derby)
    Classic Gold Devon (666/954) Gold Devon (was Classic Gold Devon)
    Classic Gold Dorset (828) Gold Dorset (was Classic Gold Dorset)
    Classic Gold Essex (1359/1431) Gold Essex (was Classic Gold Essex)
    Classic Gold Gloucester (774) Gold Gloucester (was Classic Gold Gloucester)
    Capital Gold Hampshire Gold Hampshire (was Capital Gold Hampshire)
    Capital Gold Kent Gold Kent (was Capital Gold Kent)
    Capital Gold London Gold London (was Capital Gold London)
    Classic Gold Luton (828) Gold Luton (was Classic Gold Luton)
    Capital Gold Manchester Gold Manchester (was Capital Gold Manchester)
    Classic Gold Amber (Norfolk) Gold Norfolk (was Classic Gold Amber Norfolk)
    Classic Gold Amber Total Gold Norfolk / Suffolk (was Classic Gold Amber Total)
    Classic Gold Northampton (1557) Gold Northampton (was Classic Gold Northampton)
    Classic Gold Marcher (1260) Gold North Wales / Cheshire (was Classic Gold Marcher)
    Classic Gold Nottingham (GEM) Gold Nottingham (was Classic Gold Nottingham)
    Classic Gold Peterborough (1332) Gold Peterborough (was Classic Gold Peterborough)
    Classic Gold Plymouth (1152) Gold Plymouth (was Classic Gold Plymouth)
    Capital Gold South East Wales Gold South East Wales (was Capital Gold SE Wales)
    Classic Gold Amber (Suffolk) Gold Suffolk (was Classic Gold Amber Suffolk)
    Capital Gold Sussex Gold Sussex (was Capital Gold Sussex)
    Classic Gold Wolverhampton (990/1017) Gold Wolverhampton (was Classic Gold Wolverhampton)
    Total MFM Total Marcher Sound
  6. Stations / Groups not reporting
    Station/Group name
    Total Capital Gold Network UK
    Total Classic Gold Network UK
    Capital Gold Network
    Classic Gold Network