Survey Updates

RAJAR Bulletin 59

Issued: 22nd April 2004

  1. Data for the period ended 21st March 2004 will be released as follows:
    Results to stations 6.00 a.m. Thursday 6th May
    Press Release/Conference 11.00 a.m. Thursday 6th May
    Full Tables/Published Reports Monday 13th May

    N.B. Publication of results is embargoed until 11.00 a.m. 6th May 2004

  2. Stations reporting for the first time
    Station name Survey Period
  3. New national reports
    Station Name Survey Period
  4. New national TSA reports
    Station Name Survey Period
  5. New survey period
    Station Name Survey Period
    Clan FM Y
    Classic Gold Network (Total UK) H
  6. New group reports
    Station Name Survey Period
    Total Chrysalis Radio (UK) H
    SRH Central Scotland H
    The Sunrise Group H
  7. Station name changes
    From To
    Northants 96 FM Northants 96
    Yaar Radio Yarr Radio
    Capital Radio Group London (95.8 Capital FM/Capital Gold London/XFM 104.9) Capital Radio Group London (95.8 Capital FM/Capital Gold London/XFM 104.9/Choice FM)
    MFM 103.4/Classic Gold Marcher 1260 MFM 103.4/Classic Gold Marcher
    Classic Gold Marcher 1260 Classic Gold Marcher
    Milestone Radio Group Milestone Group Total
    Juice 107.6 - Liverpool 107.6 Juice FM - Liverpool
    Essex FM (inc Ten 17 107.7FM)/Classic Gold Breeze 1359/1431 Essex FM (inc Ten 17 FM) / Classic Gold Breeze
    Essex FM (inc Ten 17 107.7FM) Essex FM (inc Ten 17 FM)
    Classic Gold Breeze 1359/1431 Classic Gold Breeze
    197.6 Kestrel FM Kestrel FM
    107.1 Rugby FM Rugby FM
    Saga 106.6 FM SAGA 106.6fm
    ForthOne (was Forth FM) ForthOne
    Forth2 (was Forth AM) Forth2
    South City FM 107.8 SouthCity FM
    Star 107.3 Bristol Star 107.2 Bristol
  8. Revised TSA’s
    Station Name New TSA ‘000’s
    Clan FM 290,561
  9. Other Changes (including Documentation & Processing)

    From January 2004, several changes were made to the recruitment questionnaire and listening diary.

    A series of questions were added regarding DAB Digital Radio concerning "Awareness", "In-Home Ownership", "Recency of Purchase" & "Purchase Price".

    In addition a question was added to the series of Mobile Phone questions regarding frequency of listening to the radio via a mobile.

    Platform Editing for Digital Only services
    As described in a previous bulletin, RAJAR wishes to ensure that digital radio listening claims are validated insofar as this is possible. The new and repositioned questions on platform access/ownership allow RAJAR for the first time to implement a validation service based on the current documentation since platform details are now probed by an interviewer. All claimed at-home digital listening is checked against ownership/access capabilities before being included in the results.

    15-24 Dual Placement adopted across the entire sample
    In any household where a person aged 25 or over has been recruited, the interviewer is permitted to also recruit a 15-24 year old as an additional respondent, up to a maximum of 1 per assignment.