Survey Updates

RAJAR Bulletin 96

Issued: 17th July 2013

  1. Data for the period ended 23rd June 2013 will be released as follows:
    Results to stations 10.30 a.m. Wednesday 31st July 2013

    N.B. Publication of results is embargoed until 00.01 a.m. Thursday 1st August 2013

  2. New station / group report
    Station / Group name Survey Period
    Bauer Rock Portfolio H
  3. Stations / Groups name changes
    From To
    Planet Rock Planet Rock UK (Incl Kerrang! 105.2)
    Eagle Extra (formerly County Sound 1566MW) Eagle Extra
    Kerrang! UK Kerrang! UK (Excl Kerrang! 105.2)
    Kerrang! 105.2 Kerrang! 105.2 (now Planet Rock 105.2)
    Midwest Radio The Breeze South West (South)(was Midwest Radio)
  4. Stations / Groups not reporting
    Station / Group name
    Bauer Passion Portfolio Digital Stations
  5. Revised TSAs
    Station name From To
    Capital South Coast 1,796,843 1,160,931
    The Breeze South West (South)(was Midwest Radio) 168,725 290,411
    Celador Radio South West 1,169,940 1,242,985
    Total Celador Radio 3,256,869 3,362,575